Estudio Dussan

We are a Colombian design and architecture studio. For 16 years we’ve been working on making our client’s dreams come true through good design. We have a great passion for conscious and meaningful architecture, and that is the way we’re transforming the world one design at a time. Our experience is materialized in our 250 plus projects around the world, including Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain and Luxembourg, creating and transforming spaces for hundreds of people and companies.


We create and improve your environments with our interior design, furniture, construction and remodeling catalogue.

Comprehensive design

Creation of complete residential, commercial and institutional spaces.

Specialized design

Complete development of the projects, bringing designs to life through the environment construction.


Conceptualization and proposal for the adequacy of the spaces.


Unique pieces, designed to recreate spaces based on functionality, good design and ergonomics.


Complete development of the projects, bringing the designs to reality through the construction of the spaces.

To materialize our projects, we have a creative and executive team that always works to fulfill the dreams of our clients. Our projects pass through the hands and minds of more than 20 people of our team, who put the best of themselves to achieve projects with a unique seal that is composed in:

Administrative and financial area
Design area
Construction area
Immersive architecture area
Furniture and decoration area
Marketing and Communications area

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